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Welcome to the Conjourn, an ELITE Shia Icon Journal

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:::Welcome to the Conjourn:::
MOSTLY INACTIVE! For all things Shia, anyways. The Conjourn has been overhauled - it is solely dedicated to Shia LaBeouf ♥, with Megan Fox keeping him company. (If you go back far enough though, you'll find some old Katy Perry, RPattz, KStew, Zac Efron, Lily Allen, Tom Welling, Hugh Jackman and more.)All resources, of course, are listed below.
:::I maintain:::
I'm co-mod of shia_elite

:::I affiliate with:::

shia_lovers | mega_foxxy | pattinson_music | bloomyicons & iconshia

:::my rules:::
I know some icon makers don't mind, but I would appreciate and do request that you cred me. Let me know if you use any of my icons on your own website (myspace, facebook, etc.) so I can check it out! It is awesome to see my work in other spots! Please do not take my icons as bases. I always say, "I don't do bases, I go all the way"...so please don't take and make as your own! Mutual friending I always friend you back. Friends of the Conjourn are top notch, so when I add you back, it's out of pure respect.
:::& the Conjourn 'con maker?:::
Me? I'm just a girl who was introduced to icon making randomly, and now loves it. And I love that you guys love the stuff I do. whenmyeyesroam originated from Robert Pattinson's song "To Roam", specifically from the lyric in the song, "you'd know it if my eyes roam". And when I found the Twilight icon (default), it just made sense to me...If you have questions, requests, or suggestions, let me know.
:::profile cred::: css :::shia_elite:::

*profile tweeked just a bit by whenmyeyesroam

:::websites I frequent [for shia images, in particular]:::


(by Faith)

profile by scholarslayouts
Shia Once You've Had Me... Banner made by me.

:::my sources:::
iconxraven nokitas banquier
gekkahyoujin cabaretaffair magnetotaxis silver881
chamberten hybridmagic 51291
uncreativ azuremonkey aoi_sama896
innocent_lexysyunhe erniemayapare
gfxgurl spiritcoda mariah91bl generosa
septembre creamuts x_falsetto
cookiestome teh_gandu monstreum
endlessdeep sugabones mercscilla
colorfilter koaalcia ad0rkaable
danielachan sanaazzy lianna_91
kissed_the_curb watchasifall
lustdrunk solstice_fairy amylai illeatchu
spencer_t dissendiun doublechoco candycrack
mylittledec0y chikuma_chan hacumi19 ullaaa
hopeitallaway lianna_91 princessbloomy aniexx amylai
ashmazing88 whatever_freak oh_freckle
vintagesol lucy1611 annieohhhhyes anamcr
kiho_chan love_rahrenheit insanefray tihana
pale_septembre durumii peyton_sawyer white_lilie
fauxism roserascal secretblue shadedcolor crazydelight rockedout

along with...

texturizeresourcelove vikyvampirs90
dyssocialgrafix xloliconsxtextures_r_us
77_vintage psd_tuts hollywoodfacade shark_bitten suchablur majikicons
dodoki ownthesunshine forevernevermor
cremepeachpsychedelic_flu phonography_x
psactions thest_one masked_angels
mellowmintthe_ink_shop killtheuniverse
octoberlush lifeisdolce thedreamcolours

if you think that I've used something of yours...whether a tut, a texture, brush, etc. and I haven't given you credit, let me know! I'll get you on my list sooner than you can say "Conjourn".

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